Digitec components simplify the fabrication of custom outriggers for dynamic splinting. Items may be purchased separately or in kit form. The outrigger components are compatible with thermoplastic or fiberglass splinting materials.

DIGITEC components:



Footed curve, curve and straight (5" & 7"). Straight may be bent for special needs.   Multiple digit attachment. (4-1/2" curved and 2" straight)   Line guides, wing nuts with lock washers and thumb nuts with screws
Fabrication: The therapist first makes the static splint base appropriate to the patient’s needs (See samples below). The outrigger is secured to the static splint by:

thumb nuts, which can be
heated and countersunk,

OR, by bonding a layer of the splinting material over the DIGITEC component.

Line guide is positioned for the desired 90 degree angle of pull. Line is threaded from finger cuff through line guide to traction component. It may pass through opening of outrigger. Two line guides may be used to clear DIGITEC component. Guides may be on top or below.

Multiple digit attachment is secured by a wing nut with washer between base and attachment.

In high profile designs, rubber band may be attached directly to the outrigger.

Wing nut may be located on top or below multiple attachment.


Hand based MP extension single


Hand based PIP extension multiple

Hand based PIP two single outriggers




Forearm based MP extension multiple

Forearm Based MP flexion




Forearm based PIP flexion

Ulnar gutter PIP extension
Radial gutter thumb MP extension